Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock……

As time counts down to our professional experience placement, today I was lucky enough to meet my mentor and the class that I will be teaching and learning with and from. Within a few minutes of saying hello, I had managed to learn all of their names and engage in conversations with all of them and am happy to say that I am feeling so much more at ease at what lays ahead over the next 3 weeks. After looking around the classroom and talking with my amazing mentor I have discovered that there is not a wide array of ICTs, with an IWB, 2 iPads and 3 desktop computers at my disposal, however this has not led me to become disheartened, but in fact become more enthusiastic about using what is there to enhance the learning experience for the students. This sense of excitement, mixed with a dash of nerves, and a hint of stress makes me feel like many of my fellow colleagues at this time of the semester. In particular,  Alex has brought back the true reason for studying and learning to the forefront of my mind and is exactly what I needed as the boy and mind begin to want to cease functioning with not long to go in the semester.

Good luck to all as we embark on this next step in our ICT learning journey.




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